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Fun and educational online puzzle trails. Designed to support the school curriculum and develop children’s thinking skills. 


Varied and entertaining online escape rooms for adults and families. Great for individual pastimes or relaxed social gatherings.

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Ancient Egypt

Fun and varied puzzles packed for KS2 History.

Solve the puzzles, crack the codes and decipher the information to unlock the lives of ancient Egyptians.

Membership starts at just £3.

Enjoy the story and get swept away by the variety of challenges

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Quests run on a Pay What You Want basis with prices from just £2


Discover a world of knowledge for yourself with Junior Quests


A portion of proceeds will go to help Parkinson's UK fight the disease

Are Quests like escape rooms?

Unlock The Box is about independent learning and creative cooperation involving progress towards a specific mission.

Unlock The Box has its origins in one man making educational ‘inverted escape rooms’ for students. They were a fun way to promote logical thinking, perseverance and teamwork. The Covid-19 pandemic made it impossible to visit schools and there was no opportunity to develop the team building boxes for staff. That one man then found out that the way to overcome the physical constraints of Lockdown was to escape mentally. And so he (I) began converting one themed box into a new digital Quest. Like many, it became a way to reach out to friends on video calls. Then the ideas wouldn’t stop; I’d found my own escapism room. So now there are Quests for both children and adults.

 Quests do share similarities with escape rooms. If you enjoy those then you are very likely to enjoy taking on a Quest. There are problems and puzzles where solutions can only be reached through observation, logic and creative thought. If you’ve tried escape rooms before and found them frustrating – too random or too reliant on logic and deduction – then Unlock The Box is a good place to try again. The challenges found in Quests are more varied and attempt to fit in with the story theme. This ensures a more varied and creative experience for all. Whether you’re an experienced escapologist or a wandering minstrel, there’s something here for you.