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A different escape room experience for adults & families

An online Quest combines the thrill of an escape room with the joy of an interactive story. Quests lead you on a journey of discovery, providing puzzles and challenges that enhance your immersive experience. In Quests, the problem solving activities are much more varied and creative than in normal escape rooms, which often rely on codes. Unlock The Box tries to avoid the frustrating pitfalls of extreme non-linear clues. There are no random connections between random objects.  Clues and puzzles are based on the story. 

By playing my Quests and paying a fair price, you can also help raise money for charity. Find out more about my nominated charity Parkinson’s UK.

Why choose a Quest?

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A terrible disaster awaits. Survive or perish? Use your skills and knowledge to avoid nature’s pitfalls.

  • Great for feeling active
  • Exotic locations
  • Adventure
  • Bushcraft
  • Approx 80 mins to complete

The Heist

Use logic and attention to detail to track an outrageous bank robber.

  • Makes you laugh and think
  • Crime
  • Evidence
  • Logic
  • Detection
  • Approx 90 mins to complete

SAS: Secret Agent Service

Your talents have attracted the attention of the secret services. Will you be good enough to pass the initial assessment?

  • Family friendly
  • Great for adult online socials
  • Varied tasks
  • Skills based
  • Immersive & Fun
  • Approx 80 mins to complete

The Lost Soul

Use logic, solve riddles to discover a fascinating true life that history tried to forget.

  • Good for a challenge. This takes effort.
  • Mystery
  • Geography
  • General interest
  • Trivia
  • Best time = 1h 33min

Questions and Answers

Each online escape room quest can be played as an individual or part of a team (recommended 3-4). They are designed for players of varied ages and abilities, making the activity suitable for friends, families and community groups. Younger users may require assistance and parental guidance. Quests can be played over Zoom etc via screen share facilities.

Cheat sheets are accessible within each Quest. Success or failure will be entirely in your hands.

Quests generally take between 70-100 minutes to complete.

No. Just click the play button on your chosen Quest.

Towards the end of the Quest, you will be asked to select how much you would like to pay. Fair choices all include a donation to charity – Parkinson’s UK. At the end of the Quest, you will be directed to a secure payment platform to complete the transaction. Please do not  start the Quest if you are unwilling to pay at least £2. 


Enjoy the story and get swept away by the variety of challenges

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Quests run on a Pay What You Want basis with prices from just £2


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A portion of proceeds will go to help Parkinson's UK fight the disease